Located in the picturesque river city of Vicksburg, Cottonwood Public House's mission is to expose patrons to the delicious experience of the very best craft beer, craft pizza and craft cocktails.

Most importantly, Cottonwood likes to support local brewers. In fact, they have their own “Zack the Brewer” who’s always pushing himself to create the best-tasting beer in Vicksburg. He wants the first sip to surprise you with its goodness, and every sip afterward to satisfy your thirst from eating our savory handmade pizza.

Blake, Cottonwood's chef, will take your palate on a journey. If you’re looking for a comfort, they serve all the classics  - like cheese and pepperoni. If you’re wanting a culinary adventure, they recommend their Cuban. Cottonwood uses as many local, natural ingredients as they can source to ensure quality and flavor.

If you are in the mood for creative cocktails, they serve those as well. From fruity and flavorful to bittersweet and spirit-forward, they have that and everything in between.