Cool Buddy Classic Air Conditioned Mattress Pad (Small 27 x63 Pad)

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Cool Buddy Classic Air Conditioned Mattress Pad (Small 27 x63 Pad) Description

Size:Small Mattress Topper (63’x27′) Are You a ‘Hot’ Sleeper? Waking up covered in sweat in the middle of the night – or worse yet, not being able to sleep at all – isn’t fun. Lack of sound sleep can have long-lasting adverse effects. But there’s an easy way out – and it doesn’t involve you spending thousands of dollars on fancy cooling mattress pads with a host of useless features! Cool Buddy Classic Cooling Mattress/Pillow Pad helps you put ‘toasty’ nights behind you, at a price that beats every other cool mattress & pillow topper out there! Simplicity is the Key! This cooling mattress/pillow pad uses the simple principle of evaporative cooling to bring about reliable, all-night-long cooling, right to your bed. The cooling unit holds about half a gallon of water that is cooled 7-12 degrees below the ambient temperature. This chilled water is then pumped through the cooling pad that acts as a heat sink, drawing excess heat from your body. Being water based allows this cool mattress/pillow pad to maintain uniform cooling, unlike cool memory foam mattress toppers or cool gel mattress toppers that simply absorb your body heat instead of removing it. Why Let Your Electricity Bill Mount Up? It makes little sense to let your HVAC run at full throttle when all you want is a cooler bed to sleep in. Cool Buddy Classic Cooling Pillow Pads & Mattress Pads solve this problem by reducing the load on the HVAC system & helping you save hundreds of dollars in electricity bills every year! At just 6W/hr even on high, our cooling pads cost less than a penny for a whole night’s cooling job! A bit of help from Cool Buddy is all you need to reclaim your good night’s sleep – for good! Click ‘Add to Cart’ & order right away!

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